Simple Claptons

Fused Clapton Product details: -

  • N80 Core Fused Clapton 3mm - 2*24/36 NI80 - 3mm ID - 6 wrap - 0.12 approx ohm dual configuration.
  • KA1 Core Fused Clapton 3mm - 2*24 KA1/36 NI80 - 3mm ID - 6 wrap - 0.14 approx ohm dual configuration.
  • Mini Fused Clapton 2.5mm - 2*26/36 NI80 - 2.5mm ID - 6 wrap - 0.16 approx ohm dual configuration.
  • Maxi Fused Clapton 3.5mm 2*24/36 NI80 - 3.5mm ID - 6 wrap - 0.13 approx ohm dual configuration.


Disclaimer: Knowledge of ohms law and battery safety are a must with rebuildables. Always use high amp/ high drain batteries. Regularly check that your battery wraps are free from nicks and tears. Ensure your coils are installed correctly with no points touching the surface causing shorts. Check ohms on an ohm meter or regulated device before using in a mechanical mod. Dry fire at low wattage to remove hotspots. Coil resistance may vary slightly due to installation (varied leg lengths)

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