Hoots Premium Blends
Hoots Premium Blends - 60ml


Hoots Premium Blends are arguably one of, if not the best Australian juice lines available. With profiles that range from beautifully crafted desserts to fruits and tobacco's, there is sure to be one in the range that will become your all day vape.

Artfully blended in WA, this is an Aussie juice for Aussie Vapers. 


Imagine vaping on delicious white chocolate and chaì custard. We did and we made it, and you’ll be glad we did.

We have created the perfect blend of chaì spices & thick creamy custard finished off with a velvety sweet white chocolate.


Delicious Musk candy flavour with that bold hit of musk just like the pink lolly sticks.

Just the rite amount of musk, candy & some other sweet flavours to make you feel like you are eating the actual lolly.

Everyone loves Pink Bits


Grape at its best. Strong  sweet candied grape flavour with a little fizz to make it great

If you love  Grape then Grapist is the greatest.


Bold, sweet and crisp apple juice, just like the juice in the box!

Everyone needs a good box.


This is an old recipe Scott created over six years ago, when looking for something a little more robust and smoke like than your common fruity flavours. This ejuice is reminiscent of an old style caramel cigar with smooth tones and a hint of fruit. Your ultimate pub vape, goes great with a beer or bourbon.


Who doesn’t love some smooth Nut Butter? This ejuice is jam packed full of delicious nuts, creamy peanut butter & thick custard. Some people say it is their go to morning vape to enjoy with a cup of coffee, but we reckon it is great any time.


Blackcurrant Soda. Packed full of Blackcurrant, with a slight fizz… WILL HAVE YOU BUZZING!


Blueberry Candy... Big ass flavour… A few different berry’s making it Berry delicious. You are always happy when you have Blue Balls…


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