Ready to Vape Vs Doublers

What is a doubler?

Glad you asked! Australia, being the nanny state that it is, does not allow retailers to sell vaping liquids which contain nicotine; enter stage left, a Doubler.

Doublers came about from the need to add nicotine to vape liquids without changing the flavor of the liquid. So the end user, buys a 25ml doubler (to make 50ml of liquid), this contains the flavor concentrates and some PG/VG and that needs to be diluted with another 25ml of PG/VG/Nicotine to bring the total volume to 50ml.

An example of this is:

25ml doubler, supplied in a 50ml bottle. The Doubler is a 50% mix of PG and  50% mix of VG. If your vaping nicotine strength is 6mg, then you'd have to purchase a  12mg PG/VG solution (in a 50/50 ratio) and you'd add 25ml of this solution to the doubler. This will result in a liquid that's 6mg and 50ml total volume; the PG/VG ratio would also remain the same at 50/50.

You can get creative with this and change up the PG/VG ratio to suit your tastes.

What is a Ready to Vape?

Simply put, a bottle of liquid that is full of liquid. For some people, who are OK with handling 100mg/l or even 200mg/l Nicotine, you can just add the required amount of nicotine straight to the bottle; flavor will only be minimally impacted.

To be honest, I've been doing this for years and I've yet to experience a change in flavor from doing it this way.

Nicotine Saftey

Keep this out of reach of Children and Pets. I recommend to always wear latex gloves when handling nicotine in any strength.