New to Vaping? Start here...

Let's break it down to two recommendations on  two different types of devices; both ideal for absolute beginners or an upgrade from a really basic e cig pen style device to something with more flavour.

These are all entry level mods, high quality, affordable vaping devices. They have been selected based on their individual attributes in their respective Option.

The Mouth to Lung (MTL) Options 

These devices usually have a restrictive draw, similar to that of a cigarette; these pods or mods typically use less watts to power the coil and therefore produce less vapour cloud and also get reduced flavour.

The plus side is you use less juice in these devices so saving you e liquid.


Uwell Caliburn
 Innokin Zlide Tube Kit

The Direct to Lung (DTL) Options

These devices almost always have variable air flow control, giving you the ability to restrict or open up the airflow. These devices are for those that draw the vapour straight into their lungs; similar to that of smoking Shisha.

Capable of producing big plumes of vapour as well as let you get more flavour out of your e liquid, this comes at a will go through more juice in most of these kits, but, the flavour will be worth it!


Geekvape Boost Pod Mod
 Vaporesso Swag Kit