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These beautiful coils are hand crafted in Australia using only the finest Sandvik milled wire. All coils have been ultrasonically cleaned before packaging. Each set contain 2 coils. Ohms estimated @ 5mm leg length.

N80 Core 3mm is the workhorse of the family suiting most attys.

Mini 2.5mm is the little one for the attys out there requiring smaller ID coils like the Nightmare 25mm RDA.

KA1 Core 3mm has been created with Ohms law in mind. Mooch rates the highest CDR of vape batteries like Samsung 30T to be around 30amp, so this falls comfortably in the safe range for mechanical mods when using the correct batteries. These can be used in any regulated device also.

Maxi 3.5mm is for those special attys out there preferring bigger coils.

Custom coil configurations available on request, email for more information.

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