Mo's Vanilla Custard

Mo's deliciously creamy vanilla custard. A smooth banana exhale and a sprinkling of cinnamon. Flavour Profile Inhale Banana, Cinnamon, Cream Exhale Custard Pair with Coffee Recommended Steep Time 7+ Days VG:PG Blend 70:30 Nicotine Free Contains natural and artificial flavourings....

Morris the Grape

Welcome back Mo grape.

Mo always wanted a really nice grape vape... this juice reminded him of:

  • The juiciness of purple Hubba-Bubba
  • The slightly tart, slightly sour of biting through the skin of a yellow grape.
  • Drinking that purple Gatorade to replenish your vital electrolytes the night after a big night on the town

Best vaped at higher-wattages, where the juiciness really comes out and gives you an almost candy-ish "powdery" mouth-feel.

This juice is a long time in the coming, has gone through too many iterations to count, and contains a hell of a lot of small components which add up to a damn tasty grape-inspired vape.


A strong menthol blend, an excellent vape to clear your head.

(When we say strong, we mean strooong! May need diluting before used in a dripping atomiser)


The only thing blue about this juice is the icy blueberry. For the sweet tooth out there - highly addictive!

Admiral V

Tastes exactly like a glass of strawberry milk.

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