All hand made in small batches and only using quality ingredients.
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  • Crunchy Custard

    This one is for all the sweet tooth's out there that appreciate a good dessert based e-liquid!  On the inhale you'll get a crunchy cereal note, which will take you...
    From $9.95
  • Berry Buzz

    A sweet yet tart berry mix; not so tart as to make your lips pucker up and look like a cats behind, but just enough tartness that'd you expect from...
    From $9.95
  • 25 FOUR

    As you twist off the bottle cap, your nose is subject to an onslaught by a buttery biscuit and smoky golden syrup aroma; you're instantly taken back to your childhood...
    From $9.95
  • Currant Man

    Currant Man is a truly amazing mix of ripe mangoes and sweet black currants. This combination comes together to give your taste buds a pleasurable experience!  Steeping Guide: This juice...
    From $9.95
  • Water Dew

    Refreshing watermelons paired with ripe succulent honeydew melons brings you a sweet and tasty summer fruit vape. Perfectly paired with a cider on a hot Summers day, this juice is...
    From $9.95
  • Lychee Apple Pear

    Juicy lychees on the inhale, crisp apples and succulent pears on the exhale. This is seriously a perfect ADV   Steeping Guide: This juice is generally in stock and pre-steeped...
    From $9.95
  • Blackberry Anise

    Ripe Blackberries soaked in an aromatic anise. Combining the tartness of Blackberries with the sweetness of anise this liquid will provide a unique vaping experience. In ancient times, Anise was...
    From $9.95
  • Butterbaccy

    RY4 tobacco, mixed up with some sweet as butterscotch ice cream.Needs a good steep of 2+ weeks to develop the proper profile. At around the 2 week mark, the flavour is...
    From $9.95
  • Snack Pack

      The Snack Pack! Whether you're a chilli and garlic type of person or a BBQ and cheese, mix and match up a Snack Pack with what you want to...
    From $39.95
  • Stone the Crows

    Another one for the anise lovers. A rich blackcurrant with a punch of anise and a touch of something sweet to round it out. Steeping Guide: This juice is generally...
    From $9.95
  • Apple Shisha

    Enough said on this one. Apple, anise and then more anise! Bugger setting up a Narguile, vape this in half the time with loads of the same flavour! Steeping Guide:...
    From $9.95
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