You've probably read or seen some news on vaping in the media recently. It's been an interesting rise with commentators from various positions all having their say on the recent outbreak of lung illness that is currently occurring in the United States.

  VAPING KILLS! are the headlines. Yep, can't argue with that, but equally we can say "Driving Kills" (1200+ deaths last year) or we can also state that "slipping, tripping or stumbling can KILL" (15 people killed in 2015). These are generalised statements which sensationalise the cause but don’t provide any context; and that people is the problem with the recent media articles on Vaping.

  Yes, people have died from vaping, that’s not up for debate, what hasn’t been made clear or what is misleading, is that vaping (the act of vaping) hasn't actually killed anyone; in the deaths so far in the US, they have been attributed to vaping Vitamin E acetate, which was being used to cut their illegal THC (Marijuana) liquids. This is bad shit and is not found in typical vaping liquids used by people that vape to replace SMOKING.

  So, the media tells a half truth, or as they say, every good lie has an element of truth in it and this is certainly the case with how the media are reporting this. The half-truth is Vaping did kill those people, the full truth is that the people died from vaping Vitamin E acetate; which has no place in e-liquid or any e liquid nor is it present in regular vaping juices.

  Despite the sometimes confused, and confusing, media reporting around the safety of e-cigarettes, there is growing consensus around the evidence. While not without some risk, when compared to smoking, e-cigarettes are far less harmful. Public Health England are telling people to not stop vaping and go back to smoking; there is no situation where it would be better for your health to go back to smoking rather than continuing to vape.

 The CDC have released a statement that 75% of all the Vaping related illnesses have been caused by THC and not liquid nicotine products. The cynic in me will say that the other 25% are holding back at their lawyer’s request in order to take part in any class action lawsuit that may occur in the future.

  Let's again look at some stats to put some perspective around this whole vapergeddon bullshit. There are, at best estimates, 45 million vapers worldwide. If 7 people have died from vaping that means 0.0002% of vapers have died as a result of vaping. Perspective really does ... put this into perspective!

 People have died as a result of vaping shit they probably had no idea what was in the liquid being vaped and the perpetrators of this should be tried and punished under the law. Unfortunately, due to the click bait tactics of our global media two whole industries have been demonised.

 The Liquid Nicotine vaping community and the Medical/Recreational Marijuana industries have been thrown under the bus for the sake of a few political points and big business agendas. The damage caused by these miscreants that poisoned so many people in the US has gone beyond the borders of United States and will have lasting ramifications across the globe.