Bags packed? Passport ready? Criminal history hidden? Great, sit back and enjoy the flight over whatever ocean it is you're crossing to get here!

Vaping in Australia is generally OK to do so. Bringing your Nicotine into Australia is also OK to do so. Buying Vape mods, coils, tanks is also OK to do whilst you're here. You know what's not OK to do whilst you're having the time of your life down under? Purchase e liquid that contains Nicotine, that is, illegal.

So what to do? Figure out how much you vape on any given day, triple that figure. That's how much juice you should bring on your holiday!

If you're the DIY type or don't mind mixing nic into RTV juices, then bring some undiluted nic with you and try some of the awesome local brews available. If you get stuck and run out, don't worry, you won't be up shit creek without a paddle, you can purchase some nicotine from across the pond, from our friendly neighbor New Zealand and get it sent DHL to your hotel/hostel/hovel. That does depend on how long you're here for and if you can wait for it. 

It's illegal to sell, gift, trade any liquid nicotine in Australia! Our government and in particular, Mr Greg Hunt MP (no that's not Medical Practitioner, that Murdering Pissant) does not believe in legalising liquid nicotine in Australia. This from a career politician who has never worked in the Medical industry a day in his life!

To understand what the state laws are for Vaping, as Australia being the great and complex place that is, have different laws in regards to vaping for each state; refer to these dudes, ATHRA. They'll give you the best advice for what you can and can't do in Australia!

So welcome mates to the land Downunder! Where the beer does flow and the men chunder! Bring your vape with you, pack some spares of everything, get ready for an exciting time and remember, it's not all bad, you can still vape.

And because as Aussies we like to take the piss, have a read of these other stupid laws in Australia .. you never know when you'll have 50KG of potatoes stashed on your person!